The Most Creative Journeys
Begin with an Inspired Vision

..... And like the vision of our clients, ours encompasses an international perspective We bring added value to your products and programs by helping you communicate effectively across cultural and geographic boundaries ~ our staff has decades of personal and professional experience with the complexities of the global marketplace.

Obviously, linguistic and cultural difference can impact the execution of overseas conferences and events. Add in customs and immigration issues, jet-lagged employees and foreign contract labor, and the recipe for problems arises. Fortunately,
Robert Cerri and staff have successfully completed
assignments some logistically complex in virtually every major city in the U.S., Canada, western Europe, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. And our global
database insures our ability to secure talent, equipment, workspace and services quickly, efficiently and
economically. Marketing and meeting professionals
appreciate our experience in the remote production
arena; we are able to expertly package and polish your
image nearly as easily internationally as we do at home,
and the only surprises will be pleasant ones

Paradise Found/Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, Photo by Terry Renna
for Dream Light Productions off the Coast Miami, Florida

The Creative Minds
of The Robert Cerri Group ......................

President / Founder
- Robert N Cerri: The Robert Cerri Group

The Robert Cerri Group is highly supported by many consultants who have their own businesses but find that the environment, designed by Robert Cerri, confers everyone involved a place to express their talents beyond what they or their clients are use to receiving in the world of communications. The following are just a few names that will come across your desk in the future.

Liz Seccuro

Founder & Director
Dolce Parties

Rob Springer
Director of Photography

Mande Dagenais
Owner / Choreographer
ADC Entertainment

Terry Renna
Owner / Photographer
Terry Renna Photography

Lisa Micheli
Owner / Photographer
LisAnne Photography

If you would like to be part of The Robert Cerri Group as a photographer, video camera operator, director of photography, producer, creative designer or salesman please send your name, address, phone number, resume with a short explanation of the type of profession that you are in and how you would like to make your mark in the communication world. Also we encourge individuals to volunteer their time within the three companies. We look forward to hearing from you.............................

Paradise Found, Dining Cabinet, Forward Drivers Cabinet, Living Room and Forward Sleeping Stateroom Photos by Robert Cerri for Dream Light Productions

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